Welcome to Building Body Parts

An exciting introduction to Tissue Engineering for Primary Education.

What is Tissue Engineering?

Tissue Engineering is an exciting new field of science that combines the methods and technologies of engineering with biology to solve medical problems. It is feasible that in the future, new body parts could be grown in a laboratory and implanted into patients e.g. new kidneys, hearts, livers etc.

Why teach Tissue Engineering in primary schools? 

Tissue Engineering is not only a fascinating field with real life-changing potential, it is also an excellent example of a science that takes techniques and methods from a wide range of subjects. We feel it is important to showcase the range of subjects required for Tissue Engineering and perhaps inspire the Tissue Engineers of the future!

What will be involved in the project? 

The students will learn about a variety of different techniques and subjects used in Tissue Engineering such as;

  • Anatomy
  • Cells and Tissues
  • 3D printing
  • Cell culture and hydrogels
  • Ethical considerations
  • Presentation and discussion 
  • Scientific inquiry